Housing in Northland: average sale prices, median days to sell, and the National House Price Index

Housing in Northland: average sale prices, median days to sell, and the National House Price Index
Debbie Oliver
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Does it seem like housing in Northland has become a spectator sport? Do you feel as though average house prices have reached ridiculous proportions? Do you feel like everything is being sold the moment it hits the market, or even prior? I know that the current house-buying climate is hot, and I’m keeping a close eye on the REINZ national monthly statistics so that I can keep my clients well-informed of the housing market trends. 

What’s the housing market doing in NZ? 

Well, according to the latest statistics, (April 2017) the National median house price rose by $51,000 during March. That’s a significant amount, and is actually a new record median for our country. So no, you’re not imaging things, houses are indeed more expensive (according to median statistics) than they have ever been before! According to REINZ: 
The national median price rose $51,000 to $546,000 during March, an increase of 10% on February and a new record median, while eight of 12 regions hit new record high median sale prices: Auckland, Northland, Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay, Manawatu, Taranaki, Canterbury/Westland and Otago.’

There you have it: Northland is not only one of the 8 regions in NZ with a new record high median sale price as of April 2017, but we actually recorded the largest percentage increase in median price, going up by a staggering 27% from the same time last year! This is great news for those in the market to sell, and I work on behalf of the seller, so for my clients this is a fantastic climate to sell your Northland real estate.     

Selling your house in Northland: grab your moment!

This is without a doubt the best time to consider selling your home: not only has Northland reached a RECORD high median sale price, but with the way Auckland house prices are looking, we’re receiving a lot of interest from families who wish to cash in and relocate. I’m happy to report that the average amount of time to sell a property in New Zealand is currently sitting at only 32 days: this is a national average of course, not a promise… But it just goes to show how quickly the market is moving! For many people, putting their home on the market is one of the most stressful times of their lives. A lot of this stress is related to uncertainty: uncertainty of a sale price, and a sale timeframe. Right now, those two major stressors are all but removed. 

Contact me to discuss options for selling your northland real estate: I can give you the facts on where we stand in today’s market. 


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