Selling homes in Whangarei – Debbie’s top tips

Selling homes in Whangarei – Debbie’s top tips
Debbie Oliver
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When it comes to selling homes in Whangarei, property presentation is key. In my experience, paying some extra attention to your home makes all the difference when it comes time to sell. Your home is your biggest asset – take care of it!


Spruce up the exterior of your home 

Take time to thoroughly check the exterior of your home. With winter approaching, its vital to check for any cracks where moisture can get in. Moisture works silently behind your walls, potentially creating havoc. Take it from me – years of experience have taught me that if these problems are not addressed as soon as they’re discovered, the rot quite literally sets in, potentially causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ damage. 


Giving the exterior a good clean freshens the whole look of the place and enhances your chances of selling your home. Giving joinery a good scrub to remove mould and cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows goes a long way to getting your home ready to sell.


Cleaning out guttering before the heavy winter storms hit is a smart thing to do. I hear all the time about blocked guttering and spouting overflowing into ceiling and wall cavities, causing absolute mayhem. 


By getting these jobs done before winter, you often come across minor issues which can be fixed with a few simple repairs. Keep on top of the problems and you’ll have a house ready for sale, I can vouch for that!


Don’t overlook driveways when getting your home ready for the market

I’m often amazed at how many people neglect their driveways when putting their houses on the market. In terms of getting a great first impression of your home, the driveway plays an important role. 


Metal driveways can be easily made to look attractive once again by keeping the weeds under control. It doesn’t take long and makes a huge difference to the appearance of your driveway. Adding an extra load of metal also gives it a fresh look and takes care of any unsightly potholes.
To breathe new life into concrete driveways and pathways, use a Wet and Forget product, or in some cases a visit from a water blaster works wonders.


Gardens provide an attractive backdrop for your home

Even if you’re not a gardener, if you are looking to sell your home then you need to get your garden under control. You don’t have to get a landscape gardener in, just pay a bit of attention to the bigger trees and shrubs to make sure they don’t block the view or sun and they’re not interfering with guttering. 

Popping some potted colour here and there is also a good idea to improve the look of your home when it comes time to sell.


Decks, patios and steps

A freshly water blasted or cleaned deck or patio can look as good as new and go a long way to selling your home. Whangarei has such a great climate and buyers will be won over by a great outdoor living area.


Slippery steps can also be easily dealt with by Wet and Forget products or in many cases, with water blasting. They can also be made safe by cutting some black rubber matting to shape and securing in place. Help eliminate potential hazards for people looking to buy your home.


Getting your home’s interior ready for sale

There’s no need to go overboard – just keep it simple! Go through each room and declutter, removing anything which personalises your home, such as photographs.


Add some colour. This doesn’t have to be expensive, you can make a huge difference to the look of a room with some simple cushions or throws. Pot plants are also a great way of adding inexpensive colour. Place a boxed bromeliad on a table and it’ll last the duration of the sale – I’ve seen this work time and time again!


Don’t underestimate the selling power of a clean home. Pay close attention to your kitchen and bathroom, removing any mould and dirt.


Putting the time and effort into presenting your home for sale is well worth it. I love visiting people’s homes, giving them advice on how to get ready for sale. I can help you sell your home in Whangarei, I have all the experience and know how, so contact me today!

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