Referral Letters For Debbie Oliver


"Those who have held positions of responsibility will have written many references and will know that in many cases the art of selective endorsement needs to be employed.  We highlight what can be considered strengths and ignore weaknesses.  When I came to assess Debbie’s performance in the sale of my property, I found no weaknesses to ignore.  From the moment we first met there was a sense of businesslike determination to ‘get the job done and get it done well’.  But accompanying that was warm friendliness that engendered trust; an unspoken: “leave it to me I will look after your interests”. 

I was selling in this case, but I am sure, were I buying, it would the same.  Looking back over the experience, I am truly amazed how smoothly selling my property went.  I had been an eighty three year old needing to go into care faced with the daunting task of selling my much-loved, memory-laden unit.  The little energy I could muster drained at the prospect.  Providentially a friend referred me to Debbie Oliver-Lloyd.  From then on Debbie worked her magic and I sat back and watched.  She plied me with material relating to the Sale of Property, the various guides issued by the Real Estate Agents Authority; saw to it that I had read what was involved in the Sale and Purchase agreement and other matters relating to what we were about.  I could almost hear the top brass in the industry clapping their hand in approval.  Debbie kept me well informed as the days went by.  

She called to visit me, often with a coffee to share.  She phoned to tell me what was ahead.  She even took me to visit the lawyers, which was beyond the call of duty.  

I really cannot thank her enough.  Without any reservation whatsoever, I recommend Debbie Oliver-Lloyd as your Estate Agent.  By the way, Debbie sold my property to the first prospective buyer who went through the door."

Peter Walsh


"We were delighted with your hassle free handling of the recent sale of our house.  Your experience guided us on pricing and presentation. Your marketing policy generated a very quick sale.

The experience of selling was new to us as previously we had brought two investment properties through you.  At that time you interpreted our needs and found just what we wanted, negotiating well with vendors for successful purchases."



“My name is Michele and I have been searching carefully and intensely in between visits to Auckland to assist my sick brother for three months for a house in Whangarei.  On the 16th February my 48 year old brother died of a brain tumor after 3 months of battling the shock of it.  Debbie Lloyd showed us through a house on the same day, with such a wonderful attitude, we signed up for it there and then.  I was very emotional, and swinging between the heartbreaking pains and the disbelief of finding such a nice house.  The following day I received a beautiful arrangement of stunning flowers, some which I still have, dried, and a caring thoughtful note.  This was so wonderful of her and now as my head is finally getting clearer I thought I would write to you to pass on my/our thanks. 

Debbie’s support and kindness has been very comforting.  Thanks.”




“I wish to convey my thanks to you on another job well done, with helping me to purchase my property in Kamo.
Primary thanks goes to Debbie Lloyd who has now completed the 8th house transaction on my behalf to her usual high standards, given my expectations (for low prices in buying and high prices for selling)”.

Howard Clement



“After living 30 years in our home we decided to downsize.  We are both in our 70’s and found the whole idea of selling and moving extremely daunting.  Debbie Oliver-Lloyd came highly recommended and was absolutely wonderful.  She made the whole selling process as stress free as possible and kept us well informed throughout.  Debbie went the extra mile and we really appreciated all her effort – thanks Debbie.

We highly recommend Debbie and her insightful, caring attitude towards us the sellers”

Arthur & Elsie Tucker



"I recently had the pleasure of having Debbie Oliver act as the Real Estate Agent for the purchase of my new home.  I found Debbie to be outstanding, in terms of her attitude, efficiency, accuracy and helpfulness.  I had contact with many agents over the 6 months leading up to the purchase of this home, and Debbie really stood out as being ahead of the others.  In particular, I found her to be completely honest and thorough in regard to the property, including its defects and shortcomings, and had gone to the trouble of acquiring the property file from the WDC already. 

She was also very patient and co-operative with our request, making herself available at sometimes short notice, and allowing us as much time as we needed at the property, and dealing promptly with questions.  When papers had to be urgently transported or scanned for signatures, Debbie took care of this instead of expecting us to do it during working hours. 

Debbie is pleasant to deal with, trustworthy and effective.  I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Anne Mattin